Are You A Target For Fraud?

Credit Repair Merchant Account Fraud

Our built-in fraud protection can save your credit repair business thousands

Credit repair merchants are constantly on the lookout for fraudulent charges to their merchant account. Some customers may file a chargeback after work has been performed, or may refuse to pay altogether. Recently, there has been an uptick in businesses across the country getting hit with fraudulent transactions. In one particular scam, fraudsters will access your shopping cart or virtual terminal through illicit methods and try to authorize thousands of credit cards against your credit repair merchant account to see which ones are still active and able to be used. Unfortunately, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Some merchants have lost thousands of dollars due to the merchant account and gateway transaction fees. Even though these transactions are invalid, processors are under no requirement to waive the associated costs. While fraud is never 100% preventable, there is a solid solution in place within our payment gateway to help lower your risk.

With our Fraud Protection system, transactions are screened by front-end filters, which you can set based on dollar thresholds, IP addresses, and transaction volume. Before the bogus charges ever hit your merchant account, they will be checked against your set parameters and held in queue for your review if flagged. This prevents hundreds or thousands of unauthorized transactions from being processed on your dime. While credit repair merchants are at no higher risk than other industries to be hit with this type of fraud, it is very important to have all bases covered when processing payments. Our Fraud Protection system is simply your best line of defense against credit card scammers today.

Fraud Protection is available to our credit repair merchants with the following pricing:



$0.05 per transaction

Contact us today to get started, or feel free to let us know if you have any questions about this invaluable tool.

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