Credit Repair Can be a Tough Time for Clients

Find out how to help emotional clients during credit repair

When involved in the credit repair process, people will feel a wide array of emotions. Anger, stress, fear, and depression may make an appearance and you will have to know how to react to each in an appropriate manner. To deal with any of these emotions it is important to stay calm, take a deep breath, and remember not to take it personally. When emotions areDebt Collection Practices In The Spotlight or angry clients yelling into phone highly charged people may not act as reasonably as they normally would and take his or her frustration out on you. Some days will be harder for you than others but you have to remember that you are making a difference in the client’s life and no matter what they feel today, tomorrow will have a different outcome.

Anger: Clients can get angry at the world when they find themselves in a difficult or potentially embarrassing financial situation. It’s the boss’s fault for not paying better, it’s the child’s fault for costing so much, it’s the economies fault for not being better. It is your fault for not getting this solved.

Stress: This customer may feel the pressure of bad credit and want to know what is going on at all times and want the issue solved right away. They may also not want to listen to any reasons as to why they do not currently have the problem solved as quickly as they want.

Fear:  When customers feel fear it may lead to panic which will possibly have them putting pressure on you to make them the main focus of your day and they want the issue to go away right now.

Depression:  When a client is depressed and upset about their financial situation it can lead to a sad phone conversation. There may even be some tears.

In every case clients come to you looking for answers. It is your responsibility to calm them down and help get them through this. No matter what the client is feeling, you need to let them communicate what they feel. If you interrupt them or tell them that they should not feel that way, you will make the situation more tense. Let the customer know that you understand what they feel and that you sympathize with the situation that they find themselves in.

To deal with an emotional client an apology can be beneficial but be wary of how you do it. If the credit bureau takes longer time to investigate, this is not your fault and you can be sorry for the situation but you should not take the blame. Explain what happened and what is being done to fix the problem. If you are at fault then is the time to take responsibility.

Stay calm, let the client release some steam, and apologize, then it is time to start working with the client on the solution. This will be the easiest part of dealing with emotional clients. You know what to do and you know how to do credit repair. Just stay calm and answer any and all questions the clients have in a calm and respectful manner.

No one likes to go through a difficult financial situation and it is your job to help them through this both emotionally and financially.  


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