Bad Apples Cost You Money!

Credit Repair Scams

As we head towards the half-way point of 2014, it is important to assess how we go about improving the image of the credit repair industry nationwide. Unfortunately, a few bad apples can ruin the reputation of many reputable businesses in the eyes of merchant account providers and others. CMS is always looking for ways to help with this problem, and we count on our clients to give us feedback and advice on how to best accomplish this.

Shady companies that scam and bilk their customers are all too often the face of the industry. This results in processing rates and fees increasing, costing the good guys money for something that they had no control over. In addition, public perception is also skewed as the media tend not to focus on the vast majority of credit repair businesses that do right by their clients. We all know just how quickly negative news spreads, and how hard dedicated business owners have to work to counteract the harm done.

We at CMS realize the value that you provide, and use our experience and leverage with the banks we work with to provide you a merchant account at reduced rates and fees. We have personally spoken with hundreds of credit repair businesses, and know how much you strive to provide great service to your clients. Our company takes pride in serving the credit repair market. We don’t shy away from our customers; we let our banks know about the positive experiences we have had with businesses like yours.

Let us all work together to continue to improve the standing of the industry with processing banks, merchant account providers, and the general public. When you are successful, we are successful.

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