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Credit Repair Bootcamp by DisputeSuite and Mike CitronNetworking is often heralded as an essential and reliable means of increasing B2B and B2C sales. We at Capital Merchant Solutions agree wholeheartedly. Mike Citron, who runs DisputeSuite, provides an excellent opportunity to network with your credit repair industry peers every six months called the Credit Boot Camp. At every Boot Camp, industry leaders converge and discuss important trends within the credit repair market, meet with business owners like you, and provide a forum to establish new and valuable business contacts.

Look, it isn’t always the brightest idea for a business owner to hang around and chat with their competition. But this industry is different. Credit repair professionals don’t have a choice but to network and stick together. The industry is constantly attacked and unfairly maligned, and it only makes good business sense to speak with professionals who can help you mitigate these factors.

CMS has derived invaluable information by taking advantage of networking opportunities such as the Credit Boot Camp. Many of our clients have been introduced to us there, and we are a constant presence at the venue. Mike Citron and the DisputeSuite team always do a great job of putting on a unique, informative event, and we strongly encourage other industry professionals to attend. Our experience is that the ideas shared and relationships gained are well worth the price of admission.

Businesses can almost always use more connections, and the credit repair industry is not an exception. Do your best to swallow your pride and be open-minded when attending networking events. It is an exciting time to be a credit repair professional, and many other business owners are sharing your enthusiasm. So get together, introduce yourselves, and share insights, tips, and advice. You’ll never know when a new contact or relationship can develop into more customers and increased income!

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