What Can You Do For Me?

How to answer your customer’s most important question

Young woman business hand with pen mark the check boxes. Hands oWhy do customers seek you out? Sure, the simple answer is an improved credit score. They want the 50 or 100 point bump that eliminating inaccuracies results in. But what does having their credit repaired actually mean to them?

To some people, fixing their credit means getting the mortgage approved. To others, it’s a new car, moving into their first apartment, or even landing a better job. The reasons for wanting better financial standing are endless; it is up to you to determine what makes each customer tick. Your credit repair services need to speak to their needs. It’s not about what you have done in the past for your other clients. It’s about how you can help them improve their lives today and in the future. No matter the reason for their low credit score, they are coming to you for help, putting their trust in you, and paying hard earned money to achieve financial restoration. Help them to help themselves by fully grasping what it is they want out of the process.

Don’t approach every credit repair consultation the same way. Find out why they’re speaking with you in the first place. Help them visualize a tangible goal. You’re not just improving a number; you’re giving them the keys to a new home or placing them in their dream car. The work you do will change their life, but they need to be able to see the end-game. Don’t undersell yourself or the credit repair process, let them know that they are getting their money’s worth by using your business instead of trying to fix their credit independently. Customers are not short on options, so by all means let them know why you are better than the next person at helping them to accomplish their goals!

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