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Do You Know How to Handle a Negative Review?

Tips on How to Respond to A Negative Review.

Your company is your baby and you would do anything to protect it. The worst feeling in the world is when someone does not feel the same way or even insults your precious baby with a negative review.

No company can avoid a negative review. It will inevitably happen no matter what field you are in, even if it is creating clothes for puppies. The best action you can take is to be prepared with a plan of action. scramble tiles reading review for negative review blog Continue Reading →

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Is Your Local Credit Repair Business Listing Necessary?

Back before technology was a way of life, people put company information in the Yellow or White pages. Why not combine the old ways with the new?

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Whether you are just starting out in the credit repair industry or have been around for awhile, there is one thing you must do to help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. Listing your company in a local online directory will help boost your local SEO ranking and let people who need help with credit repair find your company quickly and efficiently. Most people looking for help will want someone who is close by.

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Develop and Improve Your Credit Repair Business Reputation

Credit Repair Business Reputation – Growth Strategy

Credit Repair Reputation Management - Wordcloud Concept.

As a credit repair business owner, you are constantly evaluating your business and looking for new strategies for growth. It’s easy to become so consumed with the day-to-day work and marketing efforts that you lose sight of one the most important aspects of growing a successful credit repair business; maintaining a good reputation. Thanks to the power of social mediaand review websites, at any moment, an unhappy customer can share an opinion with the masses that can negatively affect your business.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your credit repair company reputation stays intact.

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Keep Credit Repair Customers Happy

Customer Loyalty Programs for Credit Repair Businesses

Customer Slice of HappinessOne important goal for your credit repair business is to gain new customers. However it’s just as important to keep your current customers happy so they will stay with you. One way to help your customer retention is through a customer loyalty program. You can show credit repair customers your gratitude by rewarding them for their continued business. Offering them rewards, discounts, and incentives.

Not only does a loyalty program provide a reason for clients to stick around  it also creates a sense of community that becomes attractive to new clients. When they feel appreciated, customers will spread the word about their positive experience with your business, which in turn grows your customer base.

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