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Credit Repair Business Reputation – Growth Strategy

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As a credit repair business owner, you are constantly evaluating your business and looking for new strategies for growth. It’s easy to become so consumed with the day-to-day work and marketing efforts that you lose sight of one the most important aspects of growing a successful credit repair business; maintaining a good reputation. Thanks to the power of social mediaand review websites, at any moment, an unhappy customer can share an opinion with the masses that can negatively affect your business.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your credit repair company reputation stays intact.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

In the credit repair business you never know how and when you’ll meet your next client. Just about everyone you encounter can potentially impact your business in a negative or a positive way. Remember, whether you’re on the phone with a referral, or at your kid’s soccer game, you are representing your business. Be professional, and mindful about what you say about your business. An innocent conversation about your frustrations at the office can quickly leave a negative impression about your business. Remember, word of mouth can spread like wildfire. In both your personal and professional encounters keep these objectives in mind;

  • Always be polite and professional
  • Keep the conversation positive (don’t whine or complain)
  • Be prepared to make good on promises and commitments
  • Always have a business card on you, but don’t be pushy

Remember, every interaction you have is with a potential customer or person of influence (Click to Tweet this).

Make Positive Communication Part of Company Culture

Everyone that works in your company is a representative of your credit repair business. Their actions on and off the clock will be a reflection of your company standards. While you cannot control the personal affairs of your employees, you can easily set expectations about their actions and attitudes when on duty. Start by setting a good example, and create the expectation of positive attitude and mutual respect amongst your team. Set goals and incentives to promote positive customer interactions and customer-winning outcomes. Make sure that communication is uniform and represents the true value of your credit repair business. If needed, a formal code of conduct can also be created for how you and your employees communicate inside and outside your company walls.

Protect Customer Data with Secure Payment Solutions

Boost your client’s confidence in your business by offering reliable and secure payment options. Get a merchant account solution designed specifically for your credit repair business. Clients will appreciate the convenience of being able to pay by credit card. Payment system features that will enhance your client’s experience include;

  • Automated Reoccurring Billing
  • Email Payment Notifications
  • Secure Payment Pages
  • Credit Card Logos (Displayed on Site)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
  • Reputable Payment Gateway (such as Authorize.Net)

Ensure your customers feel confident that their privacy and safety are a priority.

Check and Respond to Customers Reviews

Make checking online reviews a regularly scheduled task. This can be something you do yourself or delegated to a trusted employee. Maintain a list of popular review websites, and check them at least once a month. It is also wise to run a search on the major search engines for your credit repair business name. When a bad review appears, be sure to respond in a timely manner. An appropriate response should include an accurate account of the situation, citing facts, dates, and specific details. Keep it to professional and to the point. Resist the urge to attack the person or make useless negative remarks. Focus on solutions either offered at the time, or created as a result of the incident. Don’t respond while you’re mad. Draft a well-thought-out response and get a second set of eyes to read it before posting. It’s about winning the war, not this one battle.

Don’t Neglect Your Offline Reputation

Although there is a big emphasis on protecting and developing a positive online reputation for your credit repair business, remember word of mouth is shared both online and offline. Don’t neglect your offline reputation. This means you should always aim to keep customers happy, no matter what it takes. Offer exceptional service, going above and beyond whenever possible. If you notice that there is negative trend going around about your business, you must examine what causes it. Don’t fail to take an appropriate action, because your business might face a serious reputation problem, both offline and online. Your aim should be to create meaningful customer relationships and build trust. Not only will this lead to the creation of business advocates and great testimonials, it will establish you as a reputable credit repair business.

I want you to do two things;

1. Leave a comment at the bottom and tell me how you deal with negative reviews or feedback in your credit repair business.

2. Create an informal company code of conduct, listing 4 or 5 guidelines for you and your staff to follow.  Post it someplace in the office where it will be seen everyday.

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