5 Ways To Build Your Credit Repair Business’s Brand In 2015

Branding word cloudStand out and make your credit repair business memorable!

As we enter into a new year, many business owners will be thinking about ways to grow their businesses and build their brands. Savvy credit repair organizations will be doing the same.

There was a time when credit repair businesses could set up shop and rake in clients without relying on much more than word-of-mouth to get their name out there. A reputable service and answering your phone were enough to build your business. In 2015, it’s going to take a lot more.

You may be considering a fancy new website, social media, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and a reliable payment system. However just as important, perhaps now more than ever, is to have a well-built brand.

It’s important to understand that a brand is much more than just a logo or tagline. A brand is the essence by which your organization is remembered and known. The good news is that no matter the size of your credit repair organization, you’re more than capable of creating a powerful brand image. Huge budgets and extensive marketing staff are not required. What it does take is some time, consideration and a concerted effort to make it work. Here are a few elements of a strong brand that can work for your credit repair agency:

1. Authenticity. Your messaging and brand image must be believable and genuine. Back up your claims with evidence and make good on your promises. People will hire you to fix their credit when they believe in your ability to get results. If your marketing is nothing but fluff, and your offers are unbelievable, then your brand will be met with skepticism.

2. Uniqueness. The heart of a strong brand is how it differs from the competitors. Consider ways to present your business in a way that’s unique. Experiment with fun and creative ways to stand out. Remember Matthew Lesko’s crazy trademark suites? People notice and remember what’s different.

3. Consistency. Incorporate your branding everywhere possible. Actively use your logo, core messaging, and value propositions across all points of customer interaction. Your website, business cards, social media, and other print or digital marketing should always include elements of your branding.

4. Purposeful. Align your business with something bigger than itself. People are attracted to causes, cultural identity, relatable values, and historical roots. They want to connect with things that have a significant meaningful purpose. Use your brand to emphasize something more than just a business transaction. The credit repair industry is about improving people’s lives and empowering them financially. Focus on these and other areas of greater good to build a brand that resonates with people.

5. Influential. In time, your brand can have a significant influence on the credit repair market, but only with a long-term approach. Think of some of the major players in the credit repair industry today. Their brand positioning didn’t happen overnight. Keep at it, and always consider the long-term consequences to your business’ brand. When potential clients begin to develop an opinion about your brand, for better or worse, it can be extremely difficult to change their thinking.

Building a strong and dominant brand takes effort and time, but it’s vitally important to achieving significant success. Your company’s brand is the ultimate reflection of your business. As you run your credit repair business, always keep your brand in mind and it will eventfully make its way into everyone else’s as well.

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